Workshop: Design Manual for Tourists 14/11-17/11

IN.FORMAL academy this week / bu hafta

“Design Manual for Tourists”

A workshop by Sabine Voggenreiter, Pierre Kracht and Aslı Kıyak İngin

14/11, 10.00 Introduction, Antrepo 7

14/11-17/11, Workshop

18/11, Presentation

Craft neighbourhoods in Istanbul are under threat by the city politics and master plan decisions which are the part of transformation process and top down approach. Related to this process the craft neighbourhood in Galata- Şişhane District will be replaced with the tourism and service sector. The workshop “Design Manual for Tourist”  will focus on tension between craft workshops and tourism, and try to define a new future which is cover both of them togetherness in the city. The design manual will be a kind of communication & connection tool between craft and tourism. We will search and discuss if it is possible to redefine and reverse the tourism visions and habits to sustain the craft neighbourhood. The research will be made in its urban context that covers both tourism and atelier’s perspectives. The role of design within craft workshops and tourism will be defined. During the workshop, we will enlarge the potential of the craft workshops in Sishane and create new productive tourism experiences and products. The open source design approaches will be used in the manual which will be hand out in the Galata-Şişhane district. There will be a temporary exhibition in Galata Tower Square and also in Antrepo 7 at the end of the workshop.

Workshop focus on some questions:

– What kind of relations can be constructed between craft and tourism?

– Could a production process and producing a product be a part of touristic experience?

– Could a tourist be a new customer for the craft workshops?


The workshop will be open to all design disciplines like product design, graphic design, architecture, urban planning, and also open to social disciplines.

The workshop is open to undergraduate and post graduate students and also young professionals.

The workshop language: English

Registrations : IN.FORMAL academy Web Page



IN.FORMAL academy  Bu hafta/ This week;10/11-17/11

13/11, 18.00 – Artin Usta’nın atölyesi // Artin Usta’s workshop

Konuşma&Tartışma // Talk&Discussion

Bir Sonraki Günün Emeği // Labor of the Day After

Artin Aharon, Pelin Tan, Aslı Kıyak İngin


temporary museum

IN.FORMAL academy’nin ilk etkinlikleri bu hafta başlıyor ! / The first acts of IN.FORMAL academy will start this week!

Within the title “Near and Far :  The Temporary Museum for Craft Cultures”

“Yakın ve Uzak: Zanaat Kültürleri için Geçici Müze” başlığı altında 

07/11, 18.00Galata Özel Rum İlköğretim Okulu //Galata Greek Primary School

Konuşma &Tartışma //Talk&Discussion

Nicoline Dorsman /Design Academy Eindhoven & Onur Karaoğlu /Masumiyet Müzesi (Museum of Innocence) & Aslı Kıyak İngin /Made in Şişhane


08/11, 11.00 –  Galata Meydanı // Galata Square

Yürüyüş & Atölye // Walk&Workshop

Galata-Şişhane: Zanaat Atölyeleri // Craft Workshops

Nicoline Dorsman & Aslı Kıyak İngin

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